Frequently Asked Questions

Do you answer song requests?

Requests are never a problem! We are here to play your favorite songs, and we carry a library of thousands of songs for you and your guests to choose from...anything from Bach to Rock....we have it all! 

How LOUD do you play the music?

Excellent question! This is something that is at YOUR discretion. If you want the music soft in the background, or if you want to crank it up, that is up to you. We play the music any level that you request.

Do you play the XXX rated versions of the songs like other DJ's?

NO WAY!!!   This is what makes Steve Taylor DJ's unique!  WE SUBSCRIBE TO PRIME CUTS, a nationally recognized music service that provides us with the latest "clean" radio versions of the hit songs and the latest Contemporary Christian MUSIC!  We are as tired of profanity in music as anyone, and our goal is to provide "FAMILY FRIENDLY" entertainment!

What kind of clothes do you wear to the party?

We generally dress in formal wear for weddings...other times our customers request that we dress casually to fit the occasion, IE: a beach party, etc...It is up to you! 

When do certain activities happen at the wedding reception?

Not to worry! Included in our DJ shows, not only do we play your favorite songs, but we also help organize the activities, make announcements create a fun, happy, atmosphere! We take the headaches out of your party plans, so that you can relax, and have FUN with your guests!!! 

I am convinced, YOU are the best, but how far in advance do I need to book ?

Good question! Availability of our DJ shows are on a first come-first served basis. Some dates are more popular than others, so as soon as you know the date that you want...even a year, or more in advance, be sure and call us at 1-800-872-7898 or email us! Dates are held by contract, and deposit

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we gladly accept Mastercard and Visa, to make your budgeting easier for your event.